Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Fall Getaway: An Adventure

We were riding around in our GMC Safari one day and my husband turns to me and says:

"Honey, I have this idea."
"It's a good idea."
"I'm sure it is."
"Let's put our mattress in our van and take it camping! We won't even need a campsite. We could just park it anywhere and sleep!" 
"With the kids?"
"Just you and I."
"There are large windows in our van, people will see us."
"So, we will hang curtains!"

So that is what we did!

The week-end after Columbus Day in October we headed out on a wandering trip to visit some more State Parks and to do a little adventuring. No plan, no campsite, no showers, no toilet. Just us, a few supplies, our camp stove, and a sense of adventure. We traveled on Route 1 as far North-East as Calais and as far South as Rockland.

We saw blueberry fields as far as the eye could see, the ocean after a storm blew through in the night, two eagles fishing, and the last few bright colors of fall. We visited Fort O'Brien, Roque Bluffs, The Reversing Waterfalls in Pembroke, and Fort Halifax.

We slept on the side of the road in little turn outs, peed in the dark in the woods behind the van, ate a breakfast of eggs cooked on the windiest day of our trip, didn't shower for two days, and had a good time spending uninterrupted time together.

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