Thursday, January 29, 2015


Yes, I have been knitting. Not lots, but there has been knitting. There are not too many photos since my six year old camera has decided that only likes to take videos.

Stompers Hat
I also made Our Sweetie one, but I didn't take any photos. The first day Stomper wore it he began pulling out the strands that made the pompom (the stinker). He likes to wear this hat if he wants to keep his cheeks warm. The hat is on the large size, but hopefully that means it will fit more than one year!

Newborn Vertebrae
I have always wanted to knit this and now I can! The yarn I am using is not "stretchy" so I didn't check my gauge to see if it was right. I am fairly certain that it is slightly larger than newborn, but I am due in August and August is usually a fickle month here in Maine with hot days and cooler nights. I am sure we will get use out of it regardless!

Mom's Hood
After promising to knit this for years I finally have the right needles to knit it! It was a little tricky casting on, but it is going along smoothly. Fairly soon I will be starting the hood part. I am hoping that I can finish this before winter is over so she can use it!

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