Saturday, January 3, 2009


Titus died.

Apparently he was sick.

The neighbor called us, because they had picked Titus up one day (titus was outside) and recognized him and Titus had a tag on with Jason's number.


Titus disappeared one day after I let him outside. Then stayed disappeared for a week or so. I asked Jason to call the people who had called him before and they said that they hadn't seen him. After another week went by I had Jason call again. This time they told him that Titus had died and gave Jason the number of Titus's real owners.

Jason called the real owner and he told Jason that Titus had gotten sick over the summer but he couldn't take care of the problem. Then Titus disappeared on him for a month. We still have some questions as to why Titus was so skinny, but it is over and done with now.....

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