Monday, May 4, 2009

Some Good Stuff

So, I've been feeling a little negative lately about not being pregnant and all that.

(Current pregnant count: 3)

Plus I'm menstruating and that always brings me down. All day yesterday (when I wasn't sleeping) I just felt like crying for no reason. Being a woman can really blow sometimes!

I wanted to take a moment to refocus myself on some good things in my life. It can be so easy to point out all the bad. is a list of all the great things in my life right now (I'm sure there is more...)

1. Loving Husband
2. Loving God
3. Happy Home
4. Roof Over My Head
5. Food in my belly
6. Smallville in my DVD player
7. $750 in debt .. and that is it!!!
8. Mostly working car
9. Jason has a job
10. Jason got the shift he wanted
11. I have a job
12. We added 4 kids for the summer to the daycare which will help a lot with the budget
13. I have a new kitten!! (I told Jason that until he knocks me up he has to get me a kitten every spring)
14. Brand new LCD monitor should be here tomorrow.
15. Clothes to wear
16. SHOES!
17. Awesome siblings
18. Fantastic Boss
19. Furry Animals to love in my home
20. A backyard to hang out in to enjoy the sunshine
21. Goats to watch be dumb (have you ever noticed that our food animals are real stupid? --cows, pigs, chickens, fish, ect--do you think there's a reason for that?)
22. Books to read.

Well, that's good for now, maybe I'll add more later.

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