Sunday, May 24, 2009


For a long time I have known that my fertility issues could and probably are linked to my weight issues. I have been lost though where to start. Do I try a gimmick to loose the weight only to bounce back into a bad weight once I got preggo? Do I try a fad diet or a service like Jenny Craig?

We all know that the key to loosing weight and keeping it off is to have good eating habits and exercise. In both categories I lack, big time.

However, I really want to get preggo and we are coming up on a year here....

My mom has started a new "eating style" (not a diet, I refuse to call it as such). That she got out of a book she got from a friend. I can't remember the name perhaps something like "The Paleo Diet". Paleo refers to prehistoric man and how they ate (yes, we laugh all the time about it to). There is this bunch of nonsense about monkeys deciding to eat meat and became man....yada yada yada. The gist is this. Grains as we know them today are not all that great for us. Back before we refined all the goodness out of them and they were these hard crusty things they might have been all right, but as we eat them today not so good. (I am paraphrasing off of what Mom has told me, I haven't read the book)

What we should be eating is lean meats, fish, and fresh fruits & veggies. No starches, no potatoes (though I don't quite understand why Paleo Man didn't have potatoes), no bread, no cereal, no dairy, you get the idea.

But the stuff you can have, you can have all you want. If you want to sit down to a meal of 3 pork chops and a bowl of strawberries then go for it! There is no starving yourself, no counting anything, no growling tummy at 3am in the morning.

My mom, my dad, my sister, and my brother have all lost inches on this "eating style". When Ben showed me that his pants were too big that sold me on it. Jason and I are now going to try to eat this way.

We'll see how it goes.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. Interesting. I'll be looking to see how that works. I know my PCOS issues can be due to my weight as well. I started back to the gym this week. It felt good. Plus, and most importantly, I need to shed some weight to make sure I can go sky diving in August.

  2. Good luck with your Paleo diet. It actually does make sense and it really works! You should visit Prof Loren Cordain's website at and subscribe to his newsletter. By the way, potatoes came from the Andes in South America and didn't leave that area until the Spanish brought them to Europe a few hundred years ago. Stone Age hunter-gatherers might have occasionally come across food as starchy as a potato but this would be rare and highly seasonal. They couldn't go to the shop and buy a couple of kilograms of them every week like us! They also ate about 1% of the sugar we eat.


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