Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Loopy Hat Instructions

I started using this basic hat pattern from lion brand using the type of yarn I had bought for an earlier project. I knew that I was knitting loose so I switched needle sizes to a 5 US. Once I got started it became clear to me that I was still knitting too loose and so the size of the hat was not going to be for a 3-6 month old as I had intended.

That was when I decided to get creative. As I said earlier I've been wanting to try the "Funky Spaghetti Hat" I saw on Knitty Gritty, but what adult would wear such a thing. I saw my opportunity in a pint size version and since the intended victim-er recipient was not yet born I knew it would be certain to fit.

The following is the pattern I modified to fit my purpose.


1 ball MC
1 ball secondary color
size 8 needles
dpn in size 8
stitch marker
(you can use any hat pattern you would like)

MC -Main color
co -cast on
yo -yarn over
k2tog -knit two stitches together
dpn -double pointed needles


With MC co 56 stitches
garter stitch (knit every row) 4 rows
place stitch marker
join to knit in round and knit 4 rows
Round 1 (yarn over row) k17, yo, k2tog, k17, yo, k2tog, k16, yo, k2tog
knit 3 rows
switch to secondary color knit 1 row
switch to MC knit 1 row
switch to secondary color knit 2 rows
Round 8 k7, yo, k2tog, k16, yo, k2tog, k17, yo, k2tog, k10
Round 9- 15 knit
Round 16 repeat row 1
Round 17 & 18 knit
Round 19 switch to MC and knit 1 row
Round 20 switch to secondary color and knit 1 row
Round 21 switch to MC and knit 1 Row
Round 22 repeat row 8
Round 23-25 knit
Split the stitches evenly. Put one half of the stitches on a stitch holder and the other half on one needle. St st 5rows and transfer them to a stitch holder.
Put the remaining half of the stitches on to one needle and St St for 5 rows.

Bind off both needles together (sort of like knitting two together) when I find another reference to this I'll post a link. **or you can just bind off and sew the two sides together**

There will be a hole on either side of the hat and that is all right because we are going to thread the i-cord through it.

i-cord loops

With dpn and MC cast on 3 stitches
with out turning the work SLIDE the stitches to the other end of the needle and knit
then SLIDE the stitches to the other end of the needle and knit

continue doing this until your length of cord reaches 24-48 inches. You may need more or less i-cord depending on the size of your hat and the spaces between the holes. I threaded my i-cord as I went so that I didn't make too much or too little.

when your i-cord is long enough bind off and (if you haven't already) thread it through one of the holes in the side of the hat and then over and under through the holes you made. Make sure that inside the hat the i-cord is flat against the sides. On the outside they can stick out to form loops.

I looped my ends around to form "ears" on either side of my hat and secured it with a knot on the inside of the hat.

I braided four strands of yarn together to make ties to go around the chin.

Just a Note about Creativity

There is no need to follow this pattern exactly. If you are using your own hat pattern you can do some math and evenly space the holes or if you a more of a "free spirit" you can put the yarn over holes wherever you want.


Please tell me if you run into problems making this hat so that I can make the appropriate adjustments to this pattern.

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