Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Finisher

I am feeling so accomplished today. I finished three projects this week! I just finished the thumb in the mitts I have been working on for months.

I liked the pattern for the mitt (should have trusted it) even though I did mess up on the decreases because I didn't trust the pattern (I know better!) The second mitten is longer than the first because I knit it looser the second time around. It is also wider because I added a few stitches (which I am glad I did).

I didn't do the pattern on the back side of the mitt, because I needed something mindless to do and following an intricate pattern on both sides drove me nuts.

If I were to make another pair I would use to very contrasting yarns. The yarns I used are too close in color and it's hard to see the design.

 I wouldn't do this style of mitten again. Not because the pattern was hard to follow, because it was clear and easy, but because I don't like the way the finished result looks.

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