Saturday, August 6, 2011


A year ago I quit my job working in my mothers daycare to pursue being a Foster Mom. I was tired juggling  being a wife, mother, and worker. Even before I was a mom it wasn't easy for me to juggle working and being a "good wife" (my standards not his) and I constantly felt that I fell short of accomplishing either task well. I often felt that to be a good wife I failed at being a good employee and vice-versa. Home often suffered from neglect and it was more than just a messy house. I was often irritated and frustrated with my husband, which caused me to be harsh towards him. I knew something had to change. I told my Mom that when summer ended and all the kids went to school that I'd be done working. 

 This past year I have often said to my husband when the purse is empty and the bills still numerous, "I could always get a job." To which he always replies, "But you don't enjoy working. We'll make it work, we always do."  We kept deciding that I would stay home, despite the financial benefits of me rejoining the work force.

This summer I "rejoined" the work force twice. Once when I did respite for a family member and a couple of weeks ago when I worked for my Mother at the daycare while she went on vacation. I was reminded how glad I am that I don't work outside the home. I felt spread thin between the people I was being paid to care for and the people that needed me to care for them. I probably, given enough time, could balance out the two, but someone would suffer. I think that someone would be Stomper. He wouldn't get the care he deserved and that would make me feel like a bad mother.

Being a Stay-At-Home-Mom may not be financially beneficial, but this summer has proven to me that it is beneficial to my family for me to be home. It is reassuring to know that we continue to make the right choice for our family and keep me home.

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