Saturday, September 29, 2012



Some days I look at you and wonder, "Where did my baby go? I am sure he was just here." other days when I hold you tightly and you snuggle in I know that my baby never left. It has been said time and time again that children will always be their mothers "babies", but I am certain it is true. 

Even though I am sad to have lost my baby I am glad that we are past the time where all you seemed to do was cry, because now you are jumping, running, smiling, bundle of happiness. Everyone who meets you comments on how cheerful you are.As your mother I know that your cheerfulness isn't always easy to see. I see you angry, temperamental, naughty, and defiant; but your disposition remains constant--you have joy.

We have some rough times ahead of us as you make your will known to us. People call it the "terrible twos", but you are not terrible, you are learning. You are learning to listen and obey. You are learning there are consequences to your actions. You are learning the right way to do things like: wash your hands, use a spoon, look at a book, and be gentle to our pets all this learning takes time and patience.

This coming year as we are patient with each other, as we learn to better communicate with each other, I will look for your smile. That smile that warms my heart and helps me to see the sweet sweet boy you are.

Happy Birthday Little Man!


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  1. What a wonderful tribute...Happy birthday to your truly beautiful bundle of joy...They do grow quickly, enjoy each moment, take the good with the bad and savor it...soon, it will be over and you will truly wonder at where all that time happens in the blink of an eye...:sniffles...going to call my kids now....


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