Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Big Boy Room

The past week or so my Mother and I have been working hard on a room for a special boy. Jason and I picked out the colors together; a nice deep brown and a cream for the trim. I nicknamed the room "Melted Ice Cream" because that is what the colors look like in the cans. Some of the family members were worried about the paint choice, but it is perfect. The brown will hide dirt and because the room is so bright it doesn't look like a cave. 

We primed, painted the ceiling, painted the trim, painted the walls, and stenciled the floor. There are still a few things missing: some trim work, a rod for the closet, a rug of some short, and cheery curtains; but I declared it done enough to move him in.

On the floor I made a track. I took one of Stompers John Deere trucks and painted the tires. Then I ran it around the room a few times. Next summer Jason hopes to refinish the floor. For the meantime he has a muddy track all around his room.

For some art I put Tonka Truck decals along the baseboard and on the wall above his bed. Every time I get him up from nap or bed he counts the trucks. I am planning on putting up photographs of his favorite people on his walls, I think he'd enjoy that.

I put my favorite rocking chair in there so I could knit while he plays or so we can read together. Right now he is obessed with the Melissa & Doug ball ramp thing pictured above. When he is not banging on it or sitting on it he's working on his tool bench. Apparently he need to hack it apart..?...Jason made him the hatchet over the winter. Doesn't every two year old need their own wooden hatchet?

If you come over and can't find us, just follow the sounds of a little boy playing in his very own big boy room!


  1. Delia,

    Love the big boy's room, you guys did a great job with it...I think your tire tracks are an excellent idea for a decorative touch...adds character...I would keep it! But thats just me...I hope you have a great week, and kudos for all your finished and hard work, glad its paid off!

  2. Love the room!! Very cute! The tracks on the floor are adorable. Good idea!


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