Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Knit, Frog, Repeat

I am having issues with my stripes.

Mainly because I am a perfectionist and I didn't want them jagged so I did a little trick so that they weren't. However, carrying the colors was an issue and it looks plain ugly on the inside...and...well...The Perfectionist ripped it out to the thumb. I reknit it and I got to the top of the mitten and worked the Kitchener Stitch to finish the top. I surveyed my work and tried force The Perfectionist to like it, but she wrenched it from my hands and ripped it out...again. For the third time I knit it and decided that no matter what The Perfectionist said I wasn't ripping it again. I wouldn't give it away to someone, but I WOULD finish it.

Friday night I fnished the top with the Kitchener Stitch, declared it "good enough" ignored The Perfectionist as she climbed to the surface, turned it inside out and proceeded to weave in ends.


Saturday I opened up the middle to make it a flip top and it doesn't look awful, it's not great, I don't like it, but it works. I will probably declare this a tester and not knit a second one. As soon as the hubs gets paid I will be purchasing black yarn and starting all over again.

I must add, however, that my issues are not the yarn, the pattern, or the knitter; it is all the stripes fault.

I am coming along on my list. Since I will be unable to restart the mittens/gloves I will get to numbers 1 & 2 this week and maybe even number 6 which really, really needs to be started.

To Do:

  1. Finish sweater by adding buttons
  2. Finish hat by weaving in ends
  3. Stop knitting "scarf/cowl" mystery
  4. Cast on for gloves
  5. Finish gloves
  6. Cast on Flannel Hat for Stompers Christmas

Feb Baby Hat
Of course, this is also the week that I want to get invites to Stompers 2nd Birthday in the mail so we will see what actually happens. Oh, my library has MP3 Audio Books so I hope to test it out while knitting this week, so maybe I will get some knitting done after all!

The patterns for the mitten are HERE and HERE (I married them together) and the hat is February Baby Hat.


  1. Toe up mittens are my friend. I am not a perfectionist but I still don't like how my Kitchenring comes out so I just say no! I happen to love your stripes, though! Very bright and cheerful for Season Of Doom wear!

  2. Oh the perfectionist in me often gets the upper hand! Sounds like you are making good progress tho!

  3. Darn perfectionists! ;) As a side note, stripes stymie me and are on my list to conquer this year, but notice I have not mentioned that in any recent blog posts...Hope you are able to cross more off your to do list this week.


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