Wednesday, October 9, 2013


I wouldn't want you to think that my fingers have been lazy, so here it was I've been working on. They are all Christmas presents.

I made the finger cuff a little long so that they could be folded down. I also used a smaller needle for both cuffs for a tighter fit. The swirling rib pattern of the body knit up a little tight for me so I went up a couple needle sizes.

I will be using this pattern again. It was very straightforward and there is lots of room for modification and adaptations. 

We'll see if he keeps these on. I knit the finger rib long in hopes that his fingers might stay warm in the truck. Thankfully the truck warms up fast so he won't have to keep them on long. I am also hoping he can get at his thumb. Time will tell!

Currently on my needles is a pair of plain fingerless mittens that I will be adding dino spikes to. Including the Star Mittens I made for Stomper it makes the fifth pair of hand related knitted items. I'm a little tired of knitting in the round, but I did get smart and I've been knitting them "two at a time" so that I don't get "second mitt" syndrome. My fingerless mitten making is not finished, I still have at least one more pair to knit before I'm done. After that a few hats. On a positive note, everyone will get a little something knit by me this year!


  1. Maybe I'm being a bit dumb...but doesn't it snow and get cold where you live? Like winter requires mittens? Little Man won't keep them on for very long so I don't bother...he's like that about socks, too.

    1. lol .. yes it does snow. We use fingerless gloves for those times when we aren't throwing snow balls or sledding, and don't want our hands to get chilled. Like in the the car before it warms up or walking from the car to the store. :)

  2. The mismatched ones are really charming!


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