Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Yarn Along :: Christmas Pile

Joining Ginny for a Yarn Along. Reading and Knitting, what could make a better pair?

I have been knitting like a maniac lately, okay, maybe not like a maniac because I still manage to read, but I have trying my best to knuckle down.

I am on ribbed hat #4, just cast on today. I really like a ribbed hat. It has a lot of stretch and for growing kids will last for more than one year.

My other stash busting kick is knitting up mug cozy's. Not sure if anyone will use them, but they are fun to use and it uses up the bits of yarn kicking around.

I have at least one more pair of fingerless mittens in my future. Everything I am knitting these days is for Christmas.

I have been enjoying a few books no and then too. My librarian showed me the series Among the Hidden, they are short books, but riveting. The first book I didn't want to finish, I was afraid of what was going to happen! The other series I am working through is Divergent. I stayed up to one in the morning a couple of times reading these books.


  1. Will look into Among the Hidden; thanks for the link.

    Your coffees will keep warm!

  2. I am getting into the Christmas knitting too these days. I grab a project and I want to make 10 of them!

  3. I love stashbusting! My favorite way to do it is usually in big afghans - I love the challenge of making them look color-coordinated even when I'm working from scraps. :)

  4. Nice mug cozies. I need to make some for my friend for Christmas. She commented on the "cute knit cozy mugs at Target", so a simple gift idea came. Plus, it's a nice stash buster.


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