Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Yarn Along :: Nearly Finished

~Knitting and reading two of my favorite activities. Today I join Ginny and a host of other knitters and readers to share what we have been reading and knitting. How about you? Care to join us?~

Finished (or will be soon)

Slippers for Stomper - these have been a labor of love. As I said on my projects page, I am blaming the yarn. And not because I'm a bad carpenter. I really do believe that the yarn doesn't have enough give. Live and learn. I will knit these slippers again, but with the correct yarn. I finished the cuff in a 2x2 rib. The foot construction was really interesting and I like how it looks.

Ribbed Hat for my brother - I used up a whole skein of yarn for the body of the hat (I held the yarn double) I wanted to make sure that he had plenty to fold over and keep his ears warm. I think it might be a wee bit too big, but he can fold it up and no one will know.

With some major modifications I turned an Owl Hat into a Bunny Hat for Our Sweetie. I wish I could show you how super cute she looks in it! I think I will add some whiskers just to give it a final touch. I will post better run down of the mods tomorrow.

Odd Thomas - Forever Odd - This book series is amazing. I love the voice of the main character. The story is told from first person point of view and the way it is written holds my attention and makes me chuckle.
"I shrugged out of my backpack and rummaged in it for an Evian bottle. the water wasn't cold but tasted delicious.
The plastic bottle did not actually contain Evian. I had filled it at the tap in my kitchen." Odd Thomas in Forever Odd  by Dean Koontz
In Progress

Last night I started The Scorch Trials the second book in the Maze Runner series and almost stayed up too late reading it.

Jason and Stomper started the Children's Illustrated Classic: The Three Musketeers. They read a few pages first thing in the morning all snuggled up together. Made this Mama's heart melt!

Stomper has us reading and rereading toddler how-to and self-help books: Manner Time, Sharing Time, Germs are Not for Sharing,  and Tails are Not for Pulling by Elizabeth Verdick.

Next up for me to knit is a pair of fingerless gloves for my SIL and a test knit that I will probably need to keep secret.

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  1. such wonderful knits!! I bet your glad you perservered because those slippers are soo cute!!


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