Friday, February 20, 2009


I was just looking through some of my old posts and I was reminded of something.

Jason and I thought that we might be able to buy his dying aunts house when she goes, but that is not going to be a possibility. The aunt decided to will the house to the previous owners because the piece of property that her house sits on used to (long ago) belong to that family and the family (who she is friends with) would like to have the house back. Not that the aunt HAS to give it back, she just wants to. She also, and as far as I know I'm quoting here: "Doesn't want Tara and Betsy to profit from the sale of her house." why she feels this way is any one's guess. The lady is not right in the head.

Big bummer.

I was reminded though at church recently that sometimes God says no because His plan is much better than what we can imagine. Which is true. I am baffled that Jason and I are together, because who would have imagined us married? Only God could have seen the possibility and said those two, those two will be perfect together.
(Jason is in the gray t-shirt and I am the teenager standing next to him!)

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