Wednesday, February 25, 2009

There was something I wanted to say...

I got on here with a "purpose" but now I don't remember what it was. I know there was something I wanted to say but for the life of me I can't remember what it was....

Oh, there is this:

The car broke.
But God had things worked out in an odd way, so I don't know why we were worried.

It broke LAST Wednesday (on a day it was dark and stormy--I kid you not) but we managed to limp home and then get it to the Car Doc. Called the Car Doc on Thursday.

Jason leaves a message at the Car Doc on Wednesday: "I dropped my car off. We've been having troubles with it overheating, we think the thermostat might be shot. Could you look at it and call me back."

Thursday morning after Jason has called them (Why are they like that at the Car Doc?)
  • Doc: "Your radiator is shot. And the one you need has to be special ordered because you have a limited edition vehicle and they only made parts for your vehicle for TWO MONTHS so it will be 4 times as much as normal"
(Gee thanks)
  • Me: "Um. Well. We don't have the money until my husband gets paid next Thursday."
  • Car Doc: "I don't do credit."
  • Me thinking: Great now what?
So Jason and I borrow $300 from his parents in hopes that the car will be ready by Monday. Because, if not for bad luck I'd have no luck at all, the Car Doc is closed on Friday anyway so we'll have to wait until Monday anyway.

Monday & Tuesday Car Doc says: "Part is not in" (which is a lie because later we find out that they had the part but some bozo dropped the NEW radiator and BROKE it!!!! So then they had to get another one!)

Wednesday finally the car part arrives around lunch time and they tell us that it will be ready by closing.

Jason and I get to the Car Doc at 5:25 (after closing to see if it is waiting for us in the yard). And yay it's there ready! Jason pays the bill. The Car Doc fires up the car in hopes of getting the coolant to flush through the system. I am turning the car around as I see Jason walking towards me and I can tell by the way he is walking that he is NOT happy.

  • Jason: "Ya, so when I asked them to look at the car I thought they'd LOOK at the car. Ya. The thermostat is gone."
  • Me thinking: Hmmm. Tomorrow is Pay day. We didn't even need to have bothered to borrow money because the car was never going to be ready before Thursday anyway. Cool.

See, God DOES have a plan we just can't ever see it!


If all goes according to plan the car will be ready tomorrow.
And yes, the radiator really did need to be replaced, it had a hole in it.

That wasn't what I was going to tell you, maybe I'll remember it later.

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