Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bearly There

Bear & 2liter bottle

I am getting there, but obviously I'm not there yet. I have slowly and steadily been working on four bears for my Sunday School Class for Easter. I didn't knit them or give them anything at Christmas time and so I thought I'd make up for my lack of gifting with something super special.

I am using the pattern I bought last year from Twins Knit, but adapting it to make bears. I used US size 7 knitting needles and worsted weight yarn for the bears bodies and US size 9 and worsted weight yarn for the clothes. I will, in the future be knitting some bear ears and noses to put on the heads. I have been focusing on the big things (heads, bodies, clothes, arms, ect) before getting to the details. I can stay up until the wee hours of the morning Easter Eve and knit noses and ears quickly, but not clothes. I had to stop knitting arms and legs due to boredom (I have all the arms knit) and lack of stuffing. I hope to buy some stuffing soon because I have one whole bear to stuff and several arms and legs! I think I may have stuffed them a little too tight, you can see the stuffing in the pictures, but it's not so bad in person. I think, and hope, they will be a big hit!

The bears are turning out to be a good size. I was surprised when I put one of the bears next to a 2 liter soda bottle and the bear was a little more than half the size of it. 

I just started yesterday afternoon making some clothes. I went to a friends house for supper and before we ate I had a chance to cast on for the orange dress (Vanna's Choice: Goldfish) and immediately had issues. I wasn't paying close attention, because I was delightfully chatting away with friends, and I messed up on the ruffle a bit. I don't think that the kiddo she's going to will notice, I hid it pretty well. The clothes are also a little big, which is good for small hands since I teach the 2 to 4 year old class, but I think I will make the next dress a little smaller. The pattern I am using for the dress I am adapting from this one that I wrote last year. The dress I am working on now I am going to try and knit in the round. I am also going to knit a pair of pants and a sweater for the little boy in my class, I have only one, so that will be an adventure. I have to wait until I have some legs before I knit pants.

1 bear with no legs, 2 bears with no arms or legs, and some spare arms
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