Thursday, March 31, 2011

Where are they now? - 2KCBWDAY4

"Day Four Prompt: Where are they now?
Whatever happened to your __________?
Write about the fate of a past knitting project."


"A Turtle Tale"

One day just before Easter Lumpy came off the needles of his Creator. His Creator lovingly stuffed his shell, tightened his stitches, and hid any scraggly bits of yarn that were left behind. She told him that'd he was going to live with a little girl or boy from her Sunday School Class and that he'd be loved.

Then his Creator put him in a basket with some other turtles and went to church.

At church he fell in love. She had pigtails and a wide, happy smile and she held him close and whispered to him that she'd always love him.

Spring turned to summer and Lumpy found himself lost in the sandbox. He sat forlorn in the rain and the sun for a month before he was found and tossed into the washer machine. 

Now he was even more lumpy than before, but no longer lost or forgotten. The little girl took him all over the house and liked to hid little bits and bobs inside his shell.

One day when the Creator came by for a visit she brought him out so that the Creator could check his stitches. The Creator told him that he was doing a good job and was looking "loved".

Lumpy knew that even if he wound up lost in the sandbox again, that he would always be loved.


I recently went over to my friends house, whose daughter is the proud "mama" of the above turtle, and she proudly brought him out to me.  He looked "loved on" and definitely a little more lumpy than I remembered when I made him, but no worse for the wear.  It seems that it's the little things that children cling to, a little thing someone made for them can become something precious. I loved seeing that the turtle looked a little ragged, it let me know that my hard work was being appreciated and used.

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