Thursday, June 27, 2013

Rainbow Surprise :: Twilight Sparkle

Have I introduced you to my niece, Lilac Lynn? She is my brother's, finace's daughter. She is such a sweetie! We are smitten with her! Recently she turned seven. As Little Sister and I are the cake makers in the family it was put to us to make the cake. Since Little Sister is off visiting the Cousins the task fell on to my shoulders. I asked Lilac Lynn what she wanted for her cake and she said: Twilight Sparkle. (Don't you just love the gap in her smile .. she lost her front teeth!)

I don't have a daughter. Any chance I get to purchase, make, knit, or cook something for a girl I go a little crazy. All right, a lot crazy. It's a good thing that we've added a little girl to the family or I might go even crazier every time I get to do something girly.

I went to pintrest, my source of inspiration, and I found this cake, it was a gender reveal cake. Then I researched Twilight Sparkle and My Little Pony Cakes. In my researching I noticed a theme with My Little Pony; rainbows.

Hmm, rainbows. Rainbows are fun and the cake needed to be deep to hide Twilight Sparkle in it. Couldn't I? .. Oh yes I could!

This is what I made ..

To make your own Rainbow Cake you will need ::

  • Three (3) boxes of classic white cake mix :: made with egg whites to keep the color of the cake white.
  • Gel food coloring (because the color is more vibrant) in the six colors of the rainbow (in case you didn't know the rainbow order is this: red-orange-yellow-green-blue-purple :: I didn't know the order until I started a daycare and a kid informed me). You could mix the colors yourself with food coloring. The purple I mixed myself, it's not bright enough for my liking.
  • Big bag of M&M's and a smaller one of Skittles
  • A bit of crazy. I pulled all the brown M&M's out of the bag and added in purple skittles so that it was a true rainbow that poured out of the cake.
  • Evil Cake Frosting (You can find the recipe here) it uses crisco so it is not the most healthiest .. but it's a kids birthday, they are supposed to be crazy with sugar!! I make mine with either milk or almond milk and it's a big hit! I tinted some green for the edges of the cake.
  • Bamboo Dowels At my WalMart there is a whole Wilton baking section and that is where we found our dowels. Previously we found them in the workshop. I probably could have gotten away with out using them but I traveled with my cake to a park and I was nervous it would fall apart. 
  • Surprise Toy and Other Decorating Bits At WalMart (and I'm sure it's true in other places) you can purchase the cake toppers. We bought two of the ponies and the barn background at WalMart. We also purchased one pony in the toy aisle.
  • Cut circles out of the middles of four cakes: I cut out of blue, green, yellow, and orange. To make my circle I traced around a small cereal bowl. The size doesn't matter, just make sure that you leave an inch or two around the edges. Set cut out circles aside then frost and layer your cakes, all but the top.
  • Hide your Surprise this cake would work for any gender, so whatever the small coveted toy is, put it inside.
  • Stuff the Hole this is a very important part that my SIL pointed out to me. You must fill the cavity. If you do not, it will fall in. I filled mine with my rainbow candies (M&M's and Skittles) but you could pack other candies inside, as long as it is packed in firmly.
  • Cover the Hole place your final layer of cake on the top. Push dowels slowly through all layers of the cake.
  • Frost and Decorate 
If I've left something out let me know! 

Want to see some more cakes?
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  1. WOW! What a cake! My daughter (6) is here looking at this with me and she is very impressed too!


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