Thursday, June 6, 2013

Deer Meat

Ten years ago I was a nanny in Boston trying to become more "civilized". My boss, a "civilized" person liked to eat "strange meats" like organic ostrich and buffalo burger that she bought at Trader Joe's. Not to be outdone by a "flat lander" I would regale her with tales of eating moose, bear, and deer that friends and family had shot. What could get more organic than wild life I thought. I told her about the year my Dad had hit a deer with his car one year. That fall we ate like kings. The freezer was full even if the car was smashed. 

We were watching North Woods Law awhile ago and someone from Massachusetts had hit a deer. The warden comes up the car and says: "If we find it do you want the deer?" the lady laughed it off like it was a joke. To clarify he added, "I have to ask, because most locals would take it." She chuckled and I'm sure she was thinking that us "Mainers" are crazy to eat road kill.

Well, if it destroys your car, its fair payback to eat it.

Jason happened to be in the right place at the right time and was able to get a deer that had been hit by a car. Both legs had been broken and it was really young, but free meat is tasty meat. He brought it home and we processed it. A very small portion we cut into small steaks, but the rest we ran through our grinder. Of course Stomper felt he needed to help. We are looking forward to the day when he really can take a turn at the crank.

Now the freezer is full, we are going to eat like kings.

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