Monday, June 3, 2013

Memorial Week-End

The last few weeks we have felt a little like Noah. It has done nothing but rain, rain, and rain. It wasn't even the sort of rain that we could play out in. In fact, a few of the days we turned on the pellet stove.. in MAY!
Stomper was getting a little stir crazy so during a break in the storm we took a walk in the woods. It is nice being able to get him out from beyond the daycare fence and let him run wild for a little while. He found sticks to pick up, trees to shake, slugs to poke at, and of course space to run. And run and run and run. Seems like its his only speed these days, it makes it very hard to take his photo! 
Memorial Week-end we went up to the family camp in the woods. It rained, of course, and was so bitter cold. I was wearing a hat, a cowl, fingerless mittens, and several layers of clothes. We were wishing for a wood stove, but we managed none the less to stay warm.
Then finally, on Sunday, the sun came out!


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