Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Christmas Prep KAL

I learned something new about knitting with a two year old around. Don't knit his Christmas gifts in front of him. He is constantly pestering me with: "Me? 'quirrel, me? I hold it please?" I am not sure that I will be able to hold him off until Christmas.

I keep going back and forth about knitting the hedgehog part. I really like the idea of turning this squirrel into a puppet, but maybe I should just look for a puppet pattern to knit for his birthday. I also am considering making them into two separate toys as I've seen on Rav. I will wait to make up my mind until after I've knit the hedgehog, in secret.

I have his little feet on and the arms are knit, but they need a little stuffing. Then I will need to make the tail. I hate making pom-poms so there will be a learning curve I'm sure. I used safety eyes for the first time and I love them! They make the toy come alive, I think, as my SIL commented, it's because light reflects off them.

Ooh, he is too stinking cute!

Pattern: #40 Hedgehog/Squirrel
Yarn: Impeccable Worsted
And now .. drum roll please... !
Pattern: Pomatomus
Yarn: Chunky Wool
It occurred to me in the middle of a very frustrating rip out (I ripped out the top to make it white) that I didn't need to have ripped it out, all I needed to do was pick up stitches where I wanted the cuff to be and knit. The inside of the sock is all ragged from where I snipped and pulled and cried, but I think I can make it a little prettier. It is a lot bigger than I intended, but that just means the boys can put more presents in it!

How is your Christmas Knitting going, making an progress?

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  1. I worked on Little Man's giraffe in front of him but almost all my knitting is done at night when he's in bed. It works out, I guess.


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