Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

We had a great few days being with family. 
On Friday Stomper went to his Mimi's house to work on secret projects and spent the night.
Saturday we went to Mimi's house to celebrate Mothers Day with her.
Sunday I received two paintings from Stomper that he had made in secret with Mimi. One of his hand prints and another of his hand prints made to look like flowers. Jason gave me chocolate and frames for the paintings.
We went to church and then had lunch with my mother.
Then it was family naptime! My favorite part of Sunday afternoon.
When we woke up the boys surprised me with a trip to my favorite restaurant in town, Thai food--yum!

I love that we take time each year to think about all the things our Mothers have taught us. When I was looking for a card for my Mom I was thinking that if I am a great Mom, it's because I've been mothered by a great Mom. My Mom is everything I strive to be towards my son: patient, gentle, and forgiving. 

Happy Mothers Day

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  1. Patient, gentle, forgiving: a great recipe for mothering. Your day sounds wonderful. I especially love family nap time!


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