Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Road Trip Planning

We are planning a trip to NY to visit the cousins!

Stomper doesn't travel well, I am super nervous about the ten hour drive.

Around Christmas time we thought we'd be clever and travel to NH at bedtime. I remember my parents doing this with my siblings and I. We'd sleep in the car and arrive some place new where we would finish sleeping. 

We packed Stomper in the car before supper and ate at a fast food joint. At bedtime the screaming began. Eventually he passed out, but it was an awful forty-five minutes. Hoping it was a one time thing we tried traveling around bedtime again when we went to a baby shower, again he screamed until he passed out. A few months ago he traveled north with Mimi & Bumpa (about a three hour drive) at bedtime and didn't fall asleep. Not until he got home at ten in the night. 

I think my worrying has merit, so I have been working on a plan so that I won't worry.

Step One:
Plan the route to include scheduled stops. I have scoped out a few playgrounds around our routes and we will be stopping at Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream Factory around lunch time. On the way home in addition to playgrounds we will be stopping in Ticonderoga, NY to look around and have a picnic.

Step Two:
New Toys

1. Wipes container with cloth wipes to pull out and put back and repeat.


2. More Wipes Container Fun: Memory Game and Milk Caps

3. A Slinky

4. Sewing fun

6. A new favorite movie and a borrowed car DVD player.

7. Other small toys or books that I find in my shopping trips.

How about you, do you have any advice?


  1. I've got nothing...Little Man has always been a good traveler, even on planes. I think it's because from a very young age, I took him all over because I refused to just sit at home with a newborn. We would go to the mall or the yarn shop or even just visiting people. His first "long" trip was from Madison to Chicago when he was six weeks old (which is only a 2.5 hour trip).

    Also, maybe talking to him about where you're going, including the stops along the way. Kids don't like change and messing with the routine can be a really big deal for some kids. So, transitioning him along the way will help.

  2. That little park in Ti will be great for him to play in and if you want to see any more history stuff (I don't know if J is in to that like Z is), you can hop up to Crown Point (like 10 mins away, if you're crossing the bridge into VT you'll go through Crown Point anyways) and right before the bridge on the left theres an old fort ruins and you can walk around and read about it and theres lots of room to run


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