Monday, May 6, 2013

A Good Fence

Jason managed to work his 40 hours in four days in order to have Friday off to work with Dad on the fence. The fence. This is the much debated fence: where to put it, how big to make it, how tall, ect. We've been debating all winter and we finally came to a conclusion. The fence will start where the play yard stops and will stop at the rock wall. Then we'd make an "L" shape to leave room for the vine garden. The men decided that Friday was the day.

Friday morning I took Stomper and the other daycare kiddo to the library and then for a surprise picnic in the park. When I left around 10, Jason was getting ready to go out and work with Dad. When I returned I assumed I would come home to find them half finished. I drove past the yard slowly and was surprised to see many tall fence poles!

When they came in for a bit to eat around 1 I asked them how close they were to finished. Jason told me they had three or more poles to go! That's ten holes dug and ten poles set in less then three hours! I am impressed and proud of our men.

The chickens and turkeys are going to have lots of space to roam and peck at. In a perfect world they'd be free range; but with neighborhood dogs and cats, and two busy roads near-by we think fenced in poultry is the best. 

It is fascinating to me how thirteen poles can make us all feel more accomplished and more put together. At least Mom and I feel that way. We were out in the barnyard at the recently relocated chicken coop and we were commenting how good the fence poles were making us feel. What the poles represented for us, a sense of completion, that we weren't winging it. That we do, in fact, know what we are doing.

The photo below is our yard. I am standing at the rock wall the marks the beginning of some over grown fields. To the left (not pictured) is the duck pond. To the far right beyond that row of pine/evergreen trees is the street. In the background you can see a bright yellow slide, that is the play yard, with our house sitting in the back of the photo. The chicken yard takes up the bottom of the "L" shape with the turkeys receiving the "leg" of the "L". I cannot wait to take photos when there is fence up and chickens in!

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