Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Christmas Prep KAL :: Top Five

I am moving smoothly along on the stocking. I bought more yarn at my LYS, but in cream/white. The plan, because I'm pretty certain I will run out of blue, is to knit the toe and heel in white. Then, depending on my mood I may or may not rip out the top and re-knit it in white.

Since my camera's batteries died, and there is nothing really new to show you, I will instead tell you my top five gifts to knit at Christmas time.

I will be making a few of these this year. One for Stomper, Jason, and myself. The hat is so super stretchy that even without any mods it fits my 2 year old, and it fit him at six months! It's not a real quick knit, but it is rather mindless. Good for watching favorite Christmas shows.

I have only knit one other doll and the one above. Nursery Baby in  Bunny Suit is my go to if I want to make a doll. The original pattern is for a baby, but I have made it into a bear and a bunny. I have knit this doll at least a dozen times. It is knit flat and seamed, but it could be easily adapted to knitting in the round. When knit with worsted weight it makes a decent sized baby doll, about eight inches tall. I free hand knit different clothing using the measurements from the clothing.

This is a quick knit, but a little finicky on tiny needles. I have made this one three or four times, sometimes as bunny and sometimes as baby. Again the clothing is free form, but as a baby she is fine with out a skirt. This little bunny baby would make a great stocking stuffer. I'm thinking of making a pair to look like Max and Ruby for Stomper.

I made a dozen of these one Christmas. I'm not certain that anyone used them, but they were fun and quick to make. I think that they would make great coasters. I always enjoy getting the ones family makes me. They are quick to knit up and you can find tons of free patterns for dish cloths all over the internet. When I make one it looks something like this pattern.

Fingerless mitts are always a good bet, and quick to knit. There are no fingers to knit up or hand to close, so you don't have to worry about the hand or fingers being long enough to fit.  I think I'll be making a pair of these for some people this year too. I made a few pairs like this for my hunter husband and gaming brother.

Those are my top five. How about you, do you have go to patterns.?

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