Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Yarn Along

Even with my finger out of commission I was able to do a little knitting. It wasn't even that hard to get acclimated to using nine fingers to knit with, although you don't really use them all at once. I was able to finish an owl while we were in NY. It is a tossing toy and Stomper enjoys making him "fly".

Rav notes HERE

Seems like if I'm not wasting time on the computer than I'm reading these days. I am working my way through a series by Anne McCaffrey that I read once before about psychic abilities and space. The second series I am reading is the Unwound series. The Unwound series is really fascinating, almost hard to read. It's built on the premise of retroactive abortion, what if you could "unwind" a person if they weren't "useful"? And, since my library doesn't have the series by Anne McCaffrey that I'm reading I've also started I Am Number Four I saw the movie, but I kept having this feeling that something was missing, so I will read the book to find out what they left out. I may also read the Hunger Games since the second movie is coming out and I want to reread the second book before I see the movie.

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  1. I love that owl!!! I have been knitting them like crazy lately.

  2. What a great owl knit ! Hope your finger heals quickly.


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