Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Highlights

I realized on Friday as I was cleaning the house preparing for my soon to be SIL’s Bridal Shower that her party marked the third party in four days. On Wednesday we celebrated Elle’s (My newest and final nickname for my niece) birthday farm style. Which included: dinner and dessert of her choice, and our now famous off-key rendition of “Happy Birthday”. She had no idea what we were doing as this was the first chance she ever had to attend any sort of Birthday party at the farm. She looks very confused in the video. I’m sure she was wondering what was wrong with us.

Thursday was the 4th  of July and we celebrated with a Carnivore Feed (Lobster, Turkey cooked over coals and under a metal garbage can, Smoked Pork, Burgers, and Hot Dogs) and Baby Shower for a little cousin who lives in Ohio. Stomper slept through most of the party since it was right at nap time, but he did manage to see everyone.

Saturday was the Bridal Shower, which went great. We had tons of food, family, and fun. We played the now famous “Can Game”. The game is played by first asking the Groom a bunch of questions about the Bride and himself. Then at the party the Bride answers the questions. If she gets the question wrong the label gets ripped off and if she answers it wrong, the label stays on. I’m sure that playing this game will be a tradition passed down to my sister and my niece!

Jason and I had been talking lately about camping at the state park and Saturday after the party was cleaned up we went to the storage unit to pull out the tent my grandparents gave me. I was certain that the tent was no good. I couldn't remember the condition I had put it away last. To my delight the tent is wonderfully intact. We slept in it that night!

Interspersed with all the busyness we went to the lake. Stomper has been doing great with floating in my arms. I think before long he will turn into a fish!

How was your week-end?

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  1. We had a long weekend...but not a whole lot happened. I've spent some time working on a new sweater for Little Man, the boys had haircuts, and Little Man has decided he wants to run in the yard as naked as a jaybird. All the time. Everyday. ::sigh::


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