Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Doll Blanket

Three years ago my aunt handed me two giant bags of acrylic yarn that was my Grammie Winnies. I called it her secret stash and over the years I have used the yarn here and there. The yarn is old, probably from the 1980's and in some really odd colors. I have whittled down the stash over the years and even tossed out some partial balls that I will never use. I have plans for the yarn. When I participated in Knitting and Crocheting Blog Week I decided that I would learn to crochet in order to make a blanket out of her yarn. 

In the bag of yarn were also a few crocheted "squares". A few I used already to make purses for some little cousins, but I still have a couple of left. I haven't even considered tossing them out. How could I? It was something that she made!

Elle recently had a birthday and I was scrambling the night before to think of something more to give her. Something hand made with love. I immediately considered knitting, and even cast on, a baby blanket for the My Little Pony we were giving her, but time was an issue. There just wasn't enough of it! That night as I drifted off to sleep I remembered the small stash of squares. Could I make them into a blanket?

The next morning I dug them out and discovered a few test swatches I had made when I was practicing making cables. Eureka! I spent all morning stitching the six squares together and crocheting around them. It is probably not my most beautiful piece of work, but it is functional, and she loves it. It warms my heart to see her carrying around her pony wrapped in a little bit of history.

I also gave her a doll chair on the bottom it reads: To Delia, From Dad 1989; To "Elle" from Delia 2013.  My Dad's comment when he saw what I had given her: "Cool. That's awesome." My Dad made it for me for a bunny my mother sewed at Christmas time one year when he was laid off. I loved using that little chair and I know that she will love using it too.


  1. So it's not your most beautiful piece of work.....doesn't mean it's ugly and unloved. She looks really happy with it :)

    I have what, I think, was the beginnings of a blanket that my mom had started. I found it after she died. Well, I didn't know enough about what she was doing and there was no pattern to be found. So, I bound off the crochet and it's a little scarf. I think I need to add a button or something to make it really work but, you's ugly as hell (late 70s yarn) but I love it.

  2. There is beauty in the memory .. :)


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