Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Child's Purse

I do not crochet, but I made these from crochet items. I found some bits and pieces in the stash of yarn I received from my Grammie and thought perhaps I could make a little something out of it.

I found two matching squares and some plastic rings that had been crochet over and thought, hey, these could be a child's purse. I sewed the two sides together, leaving the top open. I sewed the rings as handles to the inside of the purse (so not to hide the design of the square) but you could attach them to the outside if you'd like.

Enjoy and get creative!

hook needed for yarn you choose
instructions on how to make a square (try a new one or an old favorite)

Make two squares
Sew squares together leaving an opening
Attach handles

Here is a link to a bunch of free squares. I'm sure you could also check out Raverly for more patterns.
Squares Link

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