Saturday, July 27, 2013

NY Vacation




Our trip to NY was fantastic. We left Maine bright and early in the morning and by the time we hit Ben and Jerry's Factory in Vermont we were ready for a break. We had a nice stroll around their grounds and spent a little time on the playground, but of course the highlight was sharing Papa's favorite ice cream: Cherry Garcia.

We arrived in NY in time to steal a snack from the garden and set up the tent before a summer storm blew through. It was a good test of Jason's tarp job over the tent. The tent and tarp did great in the storm and so that night we slept in it.

The next day was a seventh birthday party for one of the cousin's that came up from Arizona and his Mom rented a giant slip n slide. Since my finger was still wrapped up in gauze (you can see it wrapped in the first photo of Stomper and I) I didn't get a chance to play on it, but Jason did. I think we may need to rent one for a party some day.

Friday we went to Lake Ontario. The wind was so persistent that most of the beach was closed and the waves were about as strong as they are in Maine. The Arizona cousins weren't too sure about the waves, but they warmed up to them. Stomper thought the waves were awesome. He has really surprised me this summer with his comfort level with water, he may be ready for swimming lessons this winter.

Friday afternoon while Stomper was napping at my aunts house (we were camping at the NY cousins) Jason went over to help out with a project. While he was there he noticed that the wind had shredded the tarp against the poles of the tent. A nasty thunderstorm was brewing and I asked that he drop the tent down to protect it from the wind and rain. We slept in the house and all night long I worried that the tent wouldn't survive the storm. Thankfully nothing awful happened to the tent other than getting soaked. 

Saturday we went to the Can-Am festival in Sacketts Harbor. Stomper enjoyed the parade right up to the person dressed in a costume. Jason got to have a good snuggle with the little guy while the rest of us enjoyed marching bands. One of the Arizona cousins (he's Stompers age) loves drumming. He is a really talented drummer (especially for being only 2!). He just stared and gawked at the musicians. 

I tried to make a conscious effort of taking pictures of the cousins, but I didn't do as well as I wanted. Out of the five cousins; Stomper interacted the most with the younger two and I forgot to take photos of the other kids. Next time I will do better. It is so much fun to get together with the cousins. In a perfect world we would live closer together and spend more time in each others company. Unfortunately that is not how the world works. In August the remaining NY cousins (my aunt and uncle will still be living in NY) will be moving to Atlanta, Georgia. Stomper will now have cousins in every part of the US (between Jason and my family) guess that means there will be more road trips in our future!

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