Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Mascot Project

Last week, while I recovered from a nasty bug that kept me awake until the early morning, I pondered about a project worthy of my house. It needed to be challenging and fun.

My mind rolled around until it landed on my stash of “vintage” yarn (circa 1970-80) from my Grandmother. I have been wanting turn this yarn into an afghan. The afghan my Grandmother was never able to crochet me for my wedding.

Often during my knitting “down times”, those times when I don’t have a project screaming my name, I have thought about that yarn and how to knit it. Should I make garter stitch stripes like the afghan from my other grandmother? Blocks of different swatches? Feather and fan? As lay there not sleeping, it occurred to me, what better way to honor her than to learn a new skill. Her skill: Crochet.
 With the help of a dual fiber artist I will learn how to make a Granny Square and make an afghan that would make her beam with pride.

Below is the yarn I have from her stash:  pink, aqua, light blue, maroon, gold, light yellow, bright yellow, beige, black, and clover. I saved these skeins specifically for this project because these colors remind me of my grandmother. They come from stores named: Ames, Riches, and Ben Franklins with ball bands that I don’t recognize:  Clover Leaf, Carrousel Wintuk, and Branbry Crossing. I don't have a set color pattern in mind, I will choose colors at random, and it will probably be a little gaudy; but it will be all Grammie.


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  1. Good luck learning to crochet! I'm sure you'll be awesome judging by all the great things you make by hand :)

  2. This looks like embracing your inner monkey to the fullest. Good luck learning!


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