Tuesday, April 2, 2013

KAL :: Christmas Prep

It happens to me every Christmas. October rolls around and I tell myself that I have plenty of time to knit all my projects with time to spare. Christmas Eve finds me furiously knitting to finish up "one last project" and wrapping yarn or partial pairs of socks to give to family. Maybe you aren't like me and you are blessed with forethought and get all your knitting done in time to enjoy Christmas Eve.

If you are a planner, or a procrastinator like me, would you like to join a Christmas KAL with me? 

Put on a little Christmas music, pick up your needles, and make something for Christmastime before the stores start  putting up the decorations.

The KAL will run April 30th to June 4th . Every Tuesday I'll post an update on my list and you can link up with anyone has joined. I will also start a Rav group to handle any questions and a flicker group for non-bloggers or non-ravers who wish to join in the fun. 

There aren't too many rules but for those of you who like them here they are:

1. The post/image you link up needs to be KAL related. You can mention other projects, but the main drive of the post/image needs to be KAL related
2. Positive and reaffirming comments only, spread the love around.

I am ruminating on some prizes for those who join so stay tuned.


  1. sounds good. I could certainly use some motivation!!

  2. YES! Just what I need....sign me up! Please! LOL! It certainly doesn't end June 4th? That's just the end of signing up? This is great! Can it be items not on your YOP list too? I don't have any gifts on mine because I didn't know what I was doing this first year! LOL! Oh, and the planning for the presents is the best part!


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