Monday, April 1, 2013


Easter afternoon we went to Mimi and Bumpa's house for a New England Boiled Dinner and an Egg Hunt. The challenge is to locate as many eggs as we can with out Bumpa helping us. Everyone helps hunt: Great Great Grammie, Great Grammie, Auntie, Uncle Z, a family friend, Papa, and Mommmy. We found all but 4 of the 200 eggs Mimi filled and Bumpa hid. Once all the eggs were found we emptied them and divided the candy. This year we came home with about 2 quarts of candy!

We feel very blessed to have such a warm and loving family. Not only did Stomper get to have a family Egg Hunt, but Auntie, Great Grammie, and Mimi gave him Easter Baskets and presents. The loot he came home with was almost as much as Christmas!

Easter morning is a little too crazy for us so we don't have a family picture, if you want to see how handsome Stomper was in his Easter vest I knit him check out this post.

Here are some photos of us egg hunting for the 200 eggs that Mimi and Bumpa filled and hid for us.

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  1. That is so heart-warming! So touching how she fills 200! eggs for Stomper and I love how everyone gets in on the action! xoxo


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