Sunday, April 7, 2013

Year of Projects

There is notable progress on the sock.

Granted they aren't quite as lovely as some of the socks I have seen being knit, but I think they are awesome just the same. I have turned the heel, worked past the gusset, and I have high hopes that before next Sunday I will be on the toe.

When I finish this pair I will polish up a few other projects (mostly the owl hat) in preparation for next months KAL that I'm hosting.

Since this post is so short here are a few snap shots from my weekend. We celebrated Uncle Z's birthday with an ice cream cake and a bath in chocolate!

We took a  little drive in the country just to see some vistas and we were not disappointed! I am really looking forward to some green!


  1. I agree, that is progress on the sock! Can you post the yarn with the next update..(if you know it) I really like the color pattern... As usual, I love kid pics...seems like he enjoyed himself!

    1. I think I mentioned the yarn on the rav page. The brand is Supersocke I found it at a craft store, not sure what country it comes from.

  2. Can't go wrong with blue and white! Well done on tackling socks--still om my list to do. I am participating on a yarn train event--100 knitters taking the Amtrak from Seattle to Portland this weekend to be able to shop in Portland's Pearl Disrtict--7 yarn stores! My goal is to find some yummy sock yarn to start my first socks!

  3. I love those socks, they look so comfortable and loved already. Gorgeous photos :)


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