Saturday, April 20, 2013

Project Report

Done! And I do a dance of joy!

I love this sock pattern from Susan B Anderson. It is simple and straight forward and she tells you how to customize it if you need it bigger/smaller. I knit this pair on a US Size 2 with the same amount of stitches and it fits my hubby just fine. When I knit another pair of socks, I will use this pattern again. 

The yarn is self striping from On-Line Supersocke. I'm not sure if they still make this colorway or not, its a few years old. This pair has the aloe in it and my hubby says they are super soft and comfy.

I am taking a break from my project list since I'm starting my Christmas Stocking on the 30th with the KAL that I'm hosting.

In other finishing news I finally sorted out the mess I was having with Stomper's Owl Hat and managed to complete it! He loves it and wearsit all the time .. just in time for warm weather. Hopefully it will fit still next year. I plan on putting it in his dress-up stuff so it will get a lot of use! The earflaps are an interesting construction. The rib is all picked up stitches, and either I picked up too many, too few, too tightly, bound off too loosely, or a combination because it's a little floppy. I think if I were to make it again I'd use my Gnome Knot pattern but knit it all one color and omit the knot. Jason thinks I should make two adult ones so that all three of us have one. Then he tells me he will climb a tree and hoot like an owl .. I might take him up on his offer. It would make an interesting Christmas Photo.


  1. Well done on finishing the socks and what a cute hat ! Best of luck with the Christmas Stocking.

  2. I love those socks :D well done on the hat too, it looks perfect on him.

  3. yes..all of you in hats would be a whoot! HAHA.. I'm going to join your KAL...well, I think I am.. I tend to fail with time limits tho..and it does not seem to be enough time for me to finish 1 project, let alone 2...Might take me the rest of the year...!

  4. So, so, so cute! I love the owl hat!


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