Sunday, April 14, 2013

Year of Projects

Did some outdoor knitting on Thursday. It was nice to get out in the sun even if my fingers got a little chilly. I am writing my weeks posts ahead of time due to our very busy week (it's school vacation up here). When I took this photo I had just reached the toe. I hope that by the time this posts I will have neared the end of the toe decreases .. I'll let you know.

Per last weeks request ::
The pattern is Susan B Anderson's : How I Make My Socks
and the yarn is : Supersocke 

My next project will be another sock, a Christmas Stocking knit with this pattern. I am super excited to try something a little more challenging. I'm a little tired of stockinette stitch! I'm knitting the Christmas Stocking for my Christmas Prep KAL -- it'd be great if you joined me!

I have two prizes in mind for the KAL check back on Tuesday to see what they are!


  1. Don't feel bad. My latest Year of Projects post made a liar out of me. I thought I would have the heels of both socks turned by this morning...I have one done but not the other. Oh well.

  2. I haven't knit outside for weeks! Hope you had a good week and good going on the sock 😊

  3. Sometimes there's nothing I like better than a vanilla socks, and other times I want to expand my horizons and try some fancier sock patterns. Fortunately they're a small enough project that you can do whichever suits you at the time. Hopefully you're having a great holiday. See you next week!

  4. Knitting action shots! Love it! Hopefully more good weather this week!

  5. I wanted to sit outside the other day and knit a bit too, but the wind made it to difficult. So took a walk, then came back in to knit. Nice to get out for sure.

  6. I've been doing socks too but not Susan's pattern but I have it. Do you like the pattern? Let me know before I make them! LOL! I've not tried changing colors but I like your stripes! Cute! Spring is a very busy time for me too! Take care and TTYL!

    1. It is self striping yarn, I love the pattern it's very straight forward, I use it for all my socks. These ones I just knit a little longer to fit my hubby.

  7. I haven't been able to knit outside yet..the weather is fine..but the garden needs prep.. thanks for the info on the yarn and pattern and I hope you all have fun during your school break.

  8. The sock is looking great, and I love knitting outside as well. I'd be out there now if I didn't think that either my knitting or I would blow away!

  9. It's a sock knitting kind of week for me too. Maybe I should take my knitting outside for a change!


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