Monday, April 1, 2013

Sponsor Spotlight :: Agape Angoras

  • I took a few moments to ask Jessica of Agape Angoras a few questions about her fiber and shop. 
    Please take a moment and see the fabulous yarns and handcrafted items she has for sale!

    How did you get started with fiber?
    I saw a demonstration at the Windsor fairgrounds, someone was spinning right from the rabbit and I knew that I was going to do that someday.

    Are you a knitter, crocheter, or a little of both? Who taught you? 
    I crochet, someday would like to learn to knit. My mother taught me the basics of crocheting when I was around 10 years old, once I got into angoras I taught myself from online videos many different patterns.

    Why angoras? 

    I think angoras give you the most fiber for your money out of all the fiber animals. They don't take up much space, you don't need to have a pasture, they only eat a cup of grain a day, I harvest their fiber four times a year instead of just once a year like most other fiber animals. The fiber doesn't need to be washed or carded, that process can take a long time with other animals. Plus they are so soft and cuddly how could anyone resist?

    When do you spin?

    Like anything you have to be in the mood, I may go weeks without ever spinning and other times I can't go a day. Usually when I have something I need to make I will sit down in the evenings and spin away until I'm done.

    What do you have to offer in your shop & what is your favorite thing you sell?
    My shop is quite small right now, I can do custom work though. I usually have some yarn available and a variety of products. I currently have a hat, scarf, fingerless gloves, booties and bonnet, and an ear warmer. I don't have a favorite product, I like that everything that I make is a little different, from a different bunny, different time of year, different mood when I made it everyone of my pieces are an original.

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