Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Christmas Prep KAL :: My List

I am hosting a KAL in May, you can read about it some more here. The boiled down version is this: I am knitting Christmas gifts in May. My goals and my ability never seem to match up at Christmas time, so this will give me a good boost.

Will you join me?

I have two projects that I will work on. Both are projects that I have wanted to knit for a couple of years.

The first is a toy from my favorite toy designer Susan B. Anderson. Her creations are just too cute! I will be knitting a Hedgehog Squirrel that I have named: Farren. Stompers Bumpa has a rocky relationship with some rodents that hang around his bird feeder and this is a little homage to that hilarity.

The second is a Christmas Stocking for myself. I am going to knit it using this sock pattern and then plan on knitting myself an actual pair to wear maybe after July. Maybe, we'll see how hard it is to knit the Christmas Stocking first.

That's it, short and sweet.

I have at least one prize too!

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