Thursday, April 25, 2013

Color Review

Yarn may be red,
Violet and blue,
I'd rather have green,
But any color will do!

My favorite colors right now are gray, green, brown, and blue in any shade. 

I took a look through my posts, my raverly projects, and at my Photo Finish Board on pinterest to see what has really been knit.

It is clear to me that I don't stick to a color palette. I knit with colors that suit the pattern or the person, or what I have on hand. I'm not sure if that could be considered a "monkey" trait or not. Only a few times have I ever chosen yarn and then the pattern, for me the joy is in figuring out a new pattern not in using a new yarn. Although, I did buy striped sock yarn and chroma for the joy of using it, but those were the exception not the rule.


  1. There's a color pallate? I must not use it. My yarn has a bit of everything (though, admittedly, it's mostly greens, blues, purples, and neutrals).

    1. I need to show my hubby your info-graph .. he'll feel better about my stash and maybe he'd let me buy more! :)


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