Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Christmas Prep KAL :: Prizes

I am very excited for this KAL I'm hosting. I plan on putting on some Christmas music or maybe even a Christmas movie and knitting two Christmas presents. No KAL is complete, I think, with out a prize or two for participating. I searched through my things and found two prizes.

Prize #1
Flight Path Pattern with Yarn
A year ago I decided to join a Mystery KAL. The designer was Mary Scott Huff, a blog I follow, and she is super funny and extremely talented. I purchased the kit and pattern, and then never participated. The hat, while wonderful, is not my style so I thought I might knit it and give it away, but I never did. I received permission from the designer to print the pattern and send it and the yarn to one lucky winner. The yarn is from Abstract Fiber and isn't it gorgeous! I did wind two of the little skeins into balls, but the rest will need to wound in to cakes.

Prize #2
Feminine Knits
I bought this book thinking I'd knit something for my sister from it, but none of the sweaters were her style. Since purchasing it I have realized that I am not a sweater knitter, I don't have the dedication. There are some really beautiful sweaters in this book. I have enjoyed dreaming about knitting and wearing them.

To be entered all you need to do is participate in the KAL and enter your name on my last KAL post on June 4th. I'll keep the contest open for one week and choose winners via the random number generator on the 12th. 


  1. I won't be participating in KAL. Just wanted to say I love your knitted projects.


  2. I'm debating if I want to attempt to join in the KAL or not. I have a stocking that I'd like to make but it's a replication of one that my grandmother made years ago. I don't know if it's published somewhere or if it was even handknit (it might have been on a machine). ::sigh:: So, we'll see what happens :)

    1. Last year I replicated a Christmas Stocking from an existing one. It was a headache, but possible!


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