Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Yarn Along

~Knitting and Reading along today with Ginny~

I'm nearly done with Leviathan. The story follows two people a boy and a girl, and I don't like the girl's character. Now that the two have have met each other it's been a little better, because I can see her through the boys eyes, but not by much. Its been a tough read. I probably won't read the next two books, unless this one has a really impossible cliff hanger. I have really enjoyed the AT-AT Walker in the story though, that part has not disappointed. I finished book five of the Among the Hidden series, if you have a grade school kiddo who doesn't like to read I encourage you to have them try out this series. It is action packed and doesn't slow down for too much of the emotional stuff, just enough to flesh out the characters. I polished off So B. It it was a good story, but not my cup of tea. I gravitate to more action packed books, and this was a character building book. My Mom, who likes that style of book, said it was really good so I will trust her judgement.

I am able to knit again! My MIL gave me this stuff from Avon that is supposed to be corns and such on feet, but it worked miracles! It's not completely healed, but it's healed enough that I can knit again!

I finished one glove made from the same pattern as these gloves , all but the weaving in of ends, and started a secret gift for the hubby. I'm not sure how often he reads the blog so I won't give anything away! I picked up some more yarn from Agape Angoras so I will be ripping out the cowl I made and re-knitting it. I'm going to go up several needle sizes like in this pattern. I will decide when I cast on if I will try and follow a lace pattern (like this or this or this) or knit it straight garter. Do you have any thoughts?

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  1. Hi Delia, visiting you back from Yarn Along :) I like the colour combination of the gloves. I followed your links to your other projects too ... just love that leafy cowl pattern! Would the yarn you're using for the cowl work up nicely in a lace pattern? It seems so 'fluffy', and I wonder if the pattern would show well enough. It does look so soft though. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Have a great weekend. Wendy (and I'm a new follower now)


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