Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yarn Along

I have really been enjoying taking part of the weekly Yarn Along with Ginny these last few weeks. I do not have any knitting photos however. The weather has been a bit yucky and my camera is not working as well as it did when it was new, resulting in really awful photos lately. 

I finished my husbands Christmas present. He's really bummed that I didn't share any details of it last week, he was hoping to figure it out.

I am steadfastly working my way through the last glove. I have promised myself that I will not be knitting another hand related item for awhile. This last pair makes six pairs of hand warming knits. Next I will be making this and maybe this for some Christmas stockings. I whipped up a little i-cord bunny and a backpack basket for the bunny I knit last year. I may ask my SIL to kidnap the bunny so I can make some jammies. I really wanted to knit this for my niece this for Christmas, but it was not in the yarn budget. Maybe it will be my first project of the new year. I have decided what to do with the angora yarn. I will use big needles and a garter stitch. I think that the yarn will be best served with out too much of a pattern.

I read Odd Thomas this last week. It was surprisingly good. I picked up the last book of the Among the Hidden series and the second in the Leviathan Trilogy. Still not certain if I like the Leviathan books or not, but I will probably read them any way.

For some unrelated photos .. we had a bit of a windstorm this week. The wind whipped the lake up into a frenzy and then froze it. Pretty amazing!

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  1. Wow! I've never seen ice like that. How cool!
    I have both Odd Thomas and the Leviathan Trilogy on my to read list.


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