Monday, July 23, 2012

Bunny Visitor

On a warm, sunny day in July, a little bunny stopped by the farm. "Hello," she said, "I'm Gwendolyn the Grey Bunny. I am looking for a forever home, I think this might be the place."

"We'd love it if you would stay," we replied, "come on over to the farm and take a look around."

"This is our pear tree we like to climb, what do you think?"

The little grey bunny climbed up, up, up in the tree to admire the tasty fruit. "The pears do look yummy, but I think I'm stuck!" Brushing the bark off her pretty dress the bunny said, "I don't think climbing pear trees are for me, what else can we do?"

"Are you hungry? Do you like to pick blueberries?"

"I am hungry." she agreed rubbing her little belly. "I'll try picking some berries." The little bunny climbed up to the top of the fence to reach the yummy berries. After a few minutes in the hot sun she said, "I don't like the hot sun and the berries might stain my dress, is there something else we can do?"

"We can feed the chickens. Do you like chickens?"

The little bunny walked over to the chicken yard, but refused to climb in. "They are very big and scary looking for a bunny of my size. I think I'd like to just watch the chickens, is there something else we could do?"

"I'm sorry Gwendolyn, but on the farm we play and work. We get hot, messy, sticky, and do things that are scary at first. Maybe this isn't the place for you."

The little bunny cried, "But I am so lonely, I don't want to keep looking for a forever home."

With out even pausing to think we replied, "Oh, sweet little bunny, you can stay with us until we can find you a home! You can live in our home and we will care for you. We promise to find you a forever home one day!"

The little bunny wiped her tears away, "You'll let me stay?"


And so, the little bunny found a cozy place to sit in Delia's knitting basket to sit, wait, and dream of her forever home.

~Delia  @

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