Sunday, July 29, 2012

Project Report

Not much to report, except, of course, some ears on a little bunny I've named: 
Gwendolyn the Grey Bunny
You can read about her Farm Adventure here.

Bunny Adapted From: Nursery Baby in a Bunny Suit
Clothes and ears are of my own design.
Bunny was knit from: Cascade Cotton Rich on US size 5 needles
Clothes were knit from various cotton I had kicking around the knitting basket

I haven't decided where her future home will be. I have some ideas, but for now I will keep them a secret. I also have plans for a few more outfits and accessories, but I will work on those at a later date. 

Pattern: Let's Play Knit Vest
Yarn: Loops and Threads Impeccable

I am in the process of making a vest for a birthday boy who is one this month (not my little guy he will be 2 in Sept!). The pattern is very basic and I didn't have enough of one color, so I made it into stripes. I added some length to the rib at the bottom. I am fairly certain that he is long in the torso, given his genetics, and I wanted it to fit more than a week. Since taking the above photo I have finished the front, sewn the two sides together, and added ribbing around the neck. The next time I knit this I will be knitting it in the round and not making the neck such a deep "V", other than that the vest is a good pattern. I have today to finish the arms during my husbands "small" birthday gathering. Wonder if I will finish it....

When I am done I will return to the gauntlets of death..I mean, my Little Sisters Gloves. I hope to have them finished before she returns from her vacation in FL August 6th. Wish me luck!


  1. Gwendolyn is looking great, what a cute bunny and I love your vest and I'm sure you can finish it and your sisters gloves on time.

  2. Gwendolyn is so cute, and the vest looks great so far. I think the stripes are really a nice touch, and it doesn't hurt that it helps you go through your stash.

  3. "Gaundlets Of Death" made me LOL with a mouthful of coffee...*cough, choke, cough*

  4. The little bunny is too cute and that vest is going to look really good on that birthday boy.

  5. I want a Gwendolyn! She is so cute! The vest is darling and what a great way to use up yarn. You did a really nice job. Good luck with the gloves!

  6. Ah Gwendolyn is so cute and I love the vest, the colours are so cool

  7. Gwendolyn looks so cute, and I love the vest, the colours are amazing. I'm sure it'll look so cute on!


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