Sunday, July 15, 2012

Project Report

Pattern: Sweater Christmas Ornament Knitting Pattern
After finishing my fingerless gloves I needed another win that was mostly mindless so I cast on for the first of the advent ornaments. This tiny sweater is knit with the same yarn I used to knit him a sweater this summer. It is not supposed to be a zero on the shirt but an "O" for his name. I may go back and cleverly adjust the "O".
Pattern: Gillaspie Gothic Gauntlets
I am so thrilled with how quickly this glove is knitting up the second time! I haven't worked on it in a few days, but I will again this week. I visited a friend this past week and while our kids frolicked I did quite a bit of knitting then.

I am almost finished a bunny made from this pattern. I have knit this little doll probably twelve times. I even made four bears. It is quick and the pattern is well written. If you like knitting toys I highly recommend checking out TwinsKnit. They have quite the variety of dolls, bears, foxes, bunnies, and more! 

Now that the bunny is all put together I get to do the fun part: clothes! I am working on some clothes for her (free hand and no pattern) and finished a skirt with feather and fan lace and I am working on a cardigan that may end up being a dress instead, I haven't decided. Once her clothes are finished I'll figure out what I want to do about her ears. I'm not sure if I want them floppy or straight or how to achieve it--any ideas?

I neglected to take her photo, but if you check back this week there may be one up of her finished and with clothes!

You can find my updated project list on the tab marked: Year of Projects


  1. I really like those mitts and you have done a beautiful jobs...

  2. those mitts really blow me away..I've never knit any toys but thanks for the link!

  3. What a seriously cute sweater!! Those mittens are amazing.

  4. Great sweater, its so cute and I just love the mittens. Will be checking back to see the little bunny.

  5. I was sure I'd already commented on this, but I guess it didn't work. I absolutely love those mitts!

    1. They are really great for a challenge

  6. So cute! I love the mitts too :)

  7. Cute pattern for the doll in the bunny suit. No advice for you on the ears, although there are a couple in other Raveler's project with them pointing up and they look really sweet that way :)

  8. Beautiful detail in your fingerless gloves! Darling little are you going to use your little advent ornaments? Do you have a frame or cloth you attach them too?

  9. ..this is the calendar. Not sure exactly how I will attach them. When I was a kid we used safety pins

  10. That sweater is so cute and tiny. Looks really impressive

  11. Your gloves have such pretty details in them... and the bunny pattern? Now in my favorites. I have been wanting to try some softies for my grand babies this year.


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