Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Year of Projects

Knitting for the test knit it has given me a new appreciation of goals. It's nice having a goal to push you through the last bit of boring stockinette stitch or to forge through that tough part of a pattern. With that in mind I stumbled across the ravelry group Year of Projects. The goal is from July 2012-June 2013 to knit a list of projects that you have picked out. It can be a list of your own making, or you could choose to knit through an entire book, as long as in the long run you have completed your goal. I have tried to keep my list short and have included my WIP's in my basket. You can find my partial list here in my rav queue and I will update the following list in a post at least monthly. I am looking forward to the push to get some of these things that I have been promising to do, done.

First I will work on the gloves for myself and my sister. The tricky part will be finding uninterrupted time to work on my sisters, the pattern takes a lot of concentration and my usual knitting time has been swallowed up by daycare.

Next I will work on some Christmas things. I want to knit a few ornaments for Stomper's Advent Tree. I also need to knit myself a Christmas stocking to uphold my "One Christmas Stocking a Year" goal. Last year I knit this one for Jason and this year I plan to make one for me, but with a twist. Not sure yet exactly what, but it will probably involve some color work.

After that I'm not sure what I'll tackle.

Here is my list:

Pembroke Vest
Christmas Stocking
Finish Kat's gloves and mine too
Two Plaid Hunters Hat 
The squirrel/hedge hog
Six ornaments for Stompers Advent Calendar:
  1. Christmas Sweater
  2. Christmas Stocking
  3. Candy Cane
  4. Christmas Bell
  5. Tinsel
  6. Christmas Ball

Something from the book The Expectant Knitter
Finish a bear I started from the Nursery Baby Doll pattern
A pair of socks for the hubby that will actually fit him
Milo Vest 
Something Girlie -- possibly something out of The Expectant Knitter


  1. Really great list and a couple of patterns there I've not seen and have added to my favourites, like the two vests. Good idea working in some of your wip's and I hope you enjoy the group, we are all great at encouraging.

  2. I've just added a lot of Christmas things to my list as well, I'm determined not to run out of time for them this year.
    You have lots of lovely projects there to work on.

  3. love the list! welcome to the group!!

  4. Goals. structure and regular posting work REALLY well for me too! Last year's Year of Projects was awesome. I knit some patterns I'd never have chosen for myself and was amazed at how much I liked them. And I learned new techniques even if it took a few tries, rather than bailing and substituting something easier.

    Your list has lots of fun Christmas things .. .can't wait to see those!

  5. Welcome to the group. This is my second year and the support and encouragement you get is here is awesome. Hope you enjoy your year and I'll look forward to your updates. xoxox


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