Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding Knits

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While I have been "away" from the internet I have been knitting for the upcoming wedding of my sister-in-law. I promised her that I'd knit some cozy's for the sparkling cider bottles she is having at the head table. I am only doing two, but I had to design them myself.

One is a wedding dress and the other a tuxedo. While I was visiting a friend I finished the tux, I had previously finished the dress, I just need to sew up the back and show it to her. I thought the dress was completed, but the other day while I was proudly showing her that I had completed it she remarked, "You decided to not use any sparkly yarn?" To which I replied, "Um, I forgot I was going to do that."

While we were out shopping this week I picked up some embroidery yarn that is silver and sparkly. I am going to be a genius with it and add some sparkle, with any luck she will like it. I am not the genius I wanted to be with the sparkly yarn. However, my sister-in-law had some ribbon that I used and it came out quite nice.

The vest I knit (I apparently deleted the photos I took) while I was House Mothering I gave away recently. The Mom, when she saw the gift was from me said: "I am so excited to open this, I see all the wonderful things you knit on-line!" Then I worried a bit because it wasn't like anything I had knit before and I didn't know what she was expecting. I worried for nothing, which is what usually happens, she loved it. Then, unknown to me, the Grandmother had purchased some hats from me several months ago and gave them to the Mom. It was really neat to see my work appreciated. I also finished this crown for the bridal shower during the time I was a House Mother.

I have several doll clothes planned for August. I don't think I will have time to knit prototypes before my deadline of August 20th for the stores re-opening. Not unless my husband gives me another knitting day like he did this past week. I am swiftly finishing up the tux so that I can get it out of the way in order to work on my shop.

Also looming over my head is the gauntlets I have just begun to start. I'm hoping to get some done while we are at the family reunion this Saturday.

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