Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Nine Months

New Tricks and Feats:

  • Cruising along furniture and the wall.
  • Pulls himself up using anything including but not limited to: Mama's legs, Aunties shorts, and the dogs head.
  • In the process of cutting his top molars. I'm assuming the bottom ones aren't too far behind.
  • Took his first super long car ride to NY to meet some cousins!
  • Climbs stairs.  Eek!
  • Responds to: "No."
  • No longer eats strained baby food or that flaky oatmeal stuff.
  • Loves strong flavors. Ate a sliver of onion with out making a face and loves to eat dill pickles.
  • Swam in a lake, a pool, and a river.
  • Ate 3/4 of an ice cream cone. 
  • Eats apples like a "big boy" including the skins. (My Mom told the daycare kids: "If Delia's baby can eat them, so can you.")

In the car during our NY trip

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