Wednesday, July 27, 2011


My parents have several medium bush blueberries and they are ripe and ready. My parents have been picking half a gallon every two days and freezing them. 
  Since we are staying at their house for a week while they are on vacation we will be doing the picking and the freezing.
I am looking forward to blueberry pancakes and blueberries on my waffles this winter with some sweet maple syrup that my Dad and sister boiled this spring.
Also at my parents are some very old pear trees. I have no idea what type of pears they are. One tree becomes riper first so maybe there are two types? Either way they are so yummy! I can no longer eat a pear from the store anymore, none can compare to the pears off these trees. This fall we will be making pear-sauce and freezing peeled and quartered pears for winter. Last year there was a late spring frost just as the blossoms bloomed and so we had no pear sauce! This year we will make the best of what God gives us!
At home, in our own garden, we have harvested peas twice. Jason is headed home tomorrow to do some garden tending, mostly picking. There are summer squash and zucchinis growing and growing in the garden and will be ready very soon. There is a lot of green tomatoes too. I hope they aren't all red by the time I get home next week, I need to make some green tomato relish for my cousin.  

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  1. Nice to meet you Delia!

    You are blessed with abundance. I'm droolong over the blueberries!

    Blessings, debbie


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